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Health and Safety Update

The Toledo Symphony and the Toledo Symphony Youth Orchestras continue to closely monitor the situation concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Due to Governor DeWine’s executive order extending stay-at-home restrictions into May and the continuation of virtual classes for the remainder of this school year, we had no choice but to cancel the remainder of the TSYO season.

While this is not the desired outcome for our season, we look forward to the day we can make music together again. In anticipation of that time, we are announcing auditions for the TSYO 2020-2021 season. Auditions are scheduled for June 8-11, 2020. Repertoire and other guidelines are below. The TSYO will act in accordance to CDC and government recommendations regarding social distancing. Therefore, the auditions may be postponed. Websites and social media will be updated accordingly.



Greetings and welcome,

We would like to take a moment and let you know about the Toledo Symphony Youth Orchestras. T\he TSYO traditionally draws the most talented young musicians from northwest Ohio and southern Michigan. The opportunity to perform with a group of musicians with similar dedication to musicianship and quality of performance would be a wonderful supplemental experience for them. Active recruiting for next season will begin soon, and we anticipate our structure will continue to allow us to build on the quality that has been established.

The Toledo Symphony continues to provide artistic and educational leadership for the TSYO. We are excited about this continued partnership and hope to be able to work with you in an effort to provide another musical and educational outlet for your students, in addition to the instruction you provide. We would like to ask for your continued help in encouraging students to build on the positive experiences they receive in your own program through membership in the Toledo Youth Orchestras.

For the 2019-2020 season we will be continuing to maintain three orchestral ensembles: The Philharmonic, Symphonic as full orchestras, and the Concert ensemble as a string orchestra. Through these three ensembles, we are able to continue accommodating the growing numbers of musicians interested in performing with the TSYO. The program represents a proven value for young musicians in the greater Toledo area, and members receive numerous benefits.

Student musicians in the youth orchestras will continue to be actively involved with performers from the Toledo Symphony Orchestra. The student musicians will also continue to have the benefits of free tickets to many of the Toledo Symphony performances (with advance purchase privileges for families) and side-by-side performance opportunities. Most importantly the orchestra will continue to perform the highest quality literature from the orchestral repertoire.

We hope that you will consider encouraging more students to audition for the TSYO program. We feel it would be a valuable experience and they would enjoy working in an ensemble comprised of dedicated and talented students.

With warmest wishes,

TSYO Staff



As part of the core educational mission of the Toledo Symphony, the Toledo Symphony Youth Orchestras bring together over 200 of the most talented students from Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan in an atmosphere of musical excellence. Dedicated staff members and musicians work hard to give a top quality musical education to all students regardless of financial circumstance. The Toledo Youth Orchestras have been in existence for over 70 years, starting out as a small group of friends meeting for fun, the organization grew into what we know today.




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Due to the on-going Governor mandated stay-at-home and social distancing orders, auditions for the 2020-2021 TSYO season will be submitted online. If you have not signed up for the audition, and would like to do so, please contact Joan Weiler ( Please read the “Recording Guidelines” for recording and submission instructions. SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE SUNDAY, JUNE 14, 2020 by 11:59 PM.


Audition Sign Up


Philharmonic Orchestra


At the audition, you will be asked to play one scale that will be chosen randomly from the following required scales: 

Up to 3 flats and 4 sharps - major only
3 Octaves - Violin, Viola, Cello
2 Octaves - Bass
Woodwinds, brass and percussion – play scales in 3 octaves if possible, 2 octaves otherwise
Harp - 3 octaves with 2 hands
All scales should be played in quarter notes at quarter = 60

Solo (play unaccompanied)

Chosen by student. Should demonstrate current level of playing. No more than 4 minutes from any section of the piece.

Other requirements

Philharmonic students are expected to prepare both the etude selected for your instrument AND the excerpt selected for your instrument. Please scroll through the PDF until you find your instrument.

Philharmonic etudes and excerpts for STRINGS and HARP are found here.

Philharmonic etudes and excerpts for WOODWINDS and BRASS are found here.

NOTE: there are two trumpet excerpts–BOTH are required.


Due to the on-going restrictions which make it difficult or impossible for many student percussionists to practice anything but snare, we are only requiring the snare drum solo (see below) at the auditions in JuneWe will then have all percussionists play a marimba solo of no more than 4 minutes and the scale requirement listed above sometime in late August or early September near the start of the season.

Required snare drum solo: Click Here 

Symphonic Orchestra


At the audition, you will be asked to play one scale that will be chosen randomly from the following required scales: 

Up to 3 flats and 4 sharps - major only
2 Octaves
Harp - 2 octaves with 2 hands
All scales should be played in quarter notes at quarter = 60

Solo (play unaccompanied)

Chosen by student. Should demonstrate current level of playing. No more than 4 minutes from any section of the piece.

Other requirements

Etudes for Symphonic may be found here. Please scroll until you find your instrument.

NOTE: there are NO required excerpts for Symphonic!


See Percussion requirements above in the Philharmonic section. 

Concert Strings

Solo only, no other requirements

Chosen by student. Should demonstrate current level of playing. 16 measures - no more than 3 minutes of music.

Tuition Information

TSYO tuition is $265  for each member of the orchestra. Families with more than one member in the orchestra will pay only $235 for the 2nd member and $215 for any additional members. Tuition is due by the first rehearsal. You may choose to pay the full amount or pay in two installments; second payment is due by January 13, 2020.  Financial assistance is available (see form below). Assistance requests need to be received prior to the first rehearsal each school year. All inquiries about tuition assistance or tuition related issues are held in strict confidence. Please contact Joan Weiler, TSYO Coordinator, at 419-418-0037 or if you have additional questions.

For financial assistance, click here

Toledo Symphony Youth Ensemble

Student Leadership

The Toledo Symphony Youth Ensemble is a high school chamber ensemble made of Toledo Symphony Youth Orchestra members. It was founded in Toledo, Ohio in the summer of 2017 by a group of friends as TSYQ (Toledo Symphony Youth Quartet). TSYE is run by students under the mentorship of the Toledo Symphony and parent volunteers. The students make decisions on members, repertoire, coaches, and venues.

Young Ambassadors for the TSO

TSYE is committed to reaching out to the youths and adults in the Toledo area in non-traditional ways. The members aim to explore and excel in various types of music and communicate with diverse audiences. In addition to committing to a high level of musicianship, the students are committed to being ambassadors for the TSO. Find them performing and volunteering in the parks, at the malls, and other unexpected places as well as in the concert halls! 

Volunteer with the TSYE!

TSYE regularly performs and volunteers at various venues in the Toledo area such as nursing homes and TSO pre-concert events. If you would like to learn more about volunteering, please email Loa Cho, cellist, at

Click here for an up-to-date list of events and more information about TSYE.

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