Crystal Bowersox & Caly Bevier in Concert

Special Event

Promenade Park

July 21, 2017

Concert Time: 7:30 pm

Crystal Bowersox

Crystal Bowersox, a northwest Ohio native currently calling Nashville home, has built her life around music. Crystal's love for music developed at an early age from a need to find peace in a chaotic world. Through art and creation, Crystal was able to direct her energy and emotion, finding a way to mend a mind in turmoil. For her, music was always the most effective form of catharsis, and she would play for anyone, anywhere. In her own words, "my guitar was an appendage. I couldn't live without it."

Dead set on a career in music, Crystal moved to Chicago as a teenager, where she spent her days performing underground on subway platforms in between working odd jobs. While in the big city, she broadened her musical horizons and shared her talents with a variety of venues, ultimately auditioning for one of the biggest singing competitions in the nation. Crystal's time on the show proved to be well spent, as she immediately left the soundstage for the recording studio. Since her introduction to the world through television, Crystal has released two LP's, two EPs, and several singles. Additionally, she has used her talents to benefit several causes close to her heart, and has become an advocate and inspiration for people living with Type 1 Diabetes. Learn more about Crystal at

Listen to Until Then off of Crystal Bowersox's new album Alive.


Caly Bevier

"There's something special about you," said music industry titan, Simon Cowell on national television to a fresh faced, young contestant. And boy was he right.

At age 15, Caly was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. For many, this kind of battle at this young of an age would be enough to send anyone into a state of depression. But there's something special about Caly.

Instead, Caly decided to fight. And inspire. And eventually, win. Nothing in front of Caly seemed too big to conquer. Not even this. She fought through the entire process, staying positive, determined to not miss out on what the future had planned for her.

Caly has been seen on "Ellen" and was a semi-finalist on "America's Got Talent." Her goal is to get her own music released later in 2017. As for what to expect out of her songs, Caly says "The vibe of the music is dance pop, but with an edge. Not your typical bubble gum pop. I want my songs to make you want to roll down your windows and drive fast". Learn more about Caly on her Facebook page or follow her on Twitter.


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