Sharing Music While in Isolation

Even though our performances are paused during this crisis, we want to keep the music alive virtually by sharing videos of our musicians playing from home! Check out the videos below to see what they've been up to. #InThisTogether

Alice Petersen - TSO Second Violinist

Second Violinist Alice Petersen has been part of the Toledo Symphony for 41 seasons! Here, Alice and her sister Barbara perform Gabriel Fauré’s Après un rêve, a piece they both love and play together often.

Joel Tse - TSO Principal Flutist

TSO Principal Flutist Joel Tse shares a special performance of Italian composer Tomaso Antonio Vitali’s Chaconne, originally written for the violin (arranged by Alena Lugovkina). Joel performed this work on his 2019 recital at the Singapore Flute Festival. Enjoy!

Joel Tse & Amy Heritage - TSO Flutists

Enjoy your afternoon listening to the sweet and lyrical sounds of Chopin’s Nocturne in D-flat Major performed by TSO Flutists Joel Tse and Amy Heritage, accompanied by TSSM piano teacher, Claire Cho.

Gyusun Han - TSO Violinist

TSO Violinist Gyusun Han joins us from her home studio to perform Passacaglia, a duet for violin and cello by Norwegian composer, Johan Halvorsen. Bravo!

Featured: Gyusun Han (violin) and Fan Zeng (cello).

David Ford - TSO Violist

#DidYouKnow Bach’s famous Cello Suite No. 1 has been transcribed for more than 19 different instruments? Listen to TSO’s own David Ford perform the fourth movement, Sarabande, written for viola.

The Klaas Quartet

Watch and listen to the Klaas Quartet’s beautiful performance of Mozart’s Minuet No. 21 written for 2 violins, viola, and cello.

Featured: TSO Principal Clarinetist Georg Klaas, TSO Second Clarinetist Jocelyn Langworthy, and their twin daughters Elsa (cello) and Freya (violin).

Joel Tse - TSO Principal Flutist

Check out this video of Principal Flutist Joel Tse performing Demarte’s Nightingale of the Opera for piccolo and piano, one of the works he performed on his recital at the 2019 Singapore Flute Festival! #SpreadTheMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

Reed Anderson - TSO Violist

TSO Violist Reed Anderson shares a virtual performance of a piece that’s meant a lot to him over the years in honor of David Holland, a professor who greatly influenced him to pursue a career in music. Originally written for violin, watch Reed perform Telemann’s Fantasia No. 7 on viola. #SpreadTheMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

Katherine Cosgrove - TSO Second Trumpetist

During this time at home, TSO Second Trumpetist Katherine Cosgrove has been doing a lot of baking and practicing—at the same time! Check out this video of Katherine making some of her favorite cookies and performing The Last Rose of Summer from  The Arban, often considered the “Holy Grail” of trumpet method books! #SpreadTheMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

TSO Brass Ensemble - "The Strenuous Life"

Our TSO Brass Ensemble’s performance of Joplin’s “The Strenuous Life” is anything but strenuous! Enjoy this fun rendition—from our musicians’ homes to yours. #SpreadMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

Joel Tse - TSO Principal Flutist

In 2019, TSO Principal Flutist Joel Tse was invited to be one of the featured guest artists at Singapore’s 10th Flute Festival, where flutists from around the world come together to compete, attend performances, and learn from masters of their craft. Check out this video of Joel and pianist Kumi Mizuno performing Mendelssohn’s Andante and Rondo Capriccioso (originally for piano), one of the pieces they performed on his recital. #SpreadMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

Nancy Lendrim - TSO Principal Harpist

Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev’s Prelude No. 7 “The Harp” is one of his most popular works written for both the piano and harp. Watch this beautiful performance of Prokofiev’s Harp Prelude by Principal Harpist Nancy Lendrim in her home studio! #SpreadMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

David Dyer - TSO Recorder Player

#DidYouKnow TSO Violinist David Dyer is also a Recorder Player in our orchestra? David has a master’s degree in Recorder from Oberlin Conservatory. Listen to this audio recording of David and TSO Cellist Bob Clemens performing Daido, a jazz piece for recorder and bass line by Paul Leenhouts, recorder professor at The Hague in the Netherlands.

David says it’s a very fun piece to play but extremely difficult for the recorder. It uses quarter tones, pitch bends, glissandos, and a number of special blowing techniques that may be surprising to the ear. Check it out! #SpreadMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

Tom Sieberg, TSO Violinist and Maumee Valley Country Day School Students

#DidYouKnow Many of our musicians are also teachers who teach in schools and private studios. TSO Violinist Tom Sieberg invited his high school students from Maumee Valley Country Day School to give a virtual performance of Larry Clark’s Contredanse, a piece that’s become one of their favorites over the years! #SpreadMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

TSO Principal Flutist Joel Tse, TSO Second Flutist Amy Heritage, Flutist Joanna Goldstein

Today is World Migratory Bird Day! To celebrate the bird migration to our area in the next few weeks, TSO Principal Flutist Joel Tse, TSO Second Flutist Amy Heritage, and Flutist Joanna Goldstein perform California composer Herman Beeftink’s The Birds. Enjoy! #WMBD #SpreadMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

Elizabeth Rice - TSO Cellist

TSO cellist Elizabeth Rice joined the cello section in 2018, and one of her first performances with our orchestra was Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. In honor of the TSO performing all nine of Beethoven’s symphonies next season, Elizabeth shares one of her favorite moments from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, the famous Ode to Joy theme. #SpreadMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

Georg Klaas & Jocelyn Langworthy - TSO Principal Clarinetist and Second Clarinetist

Husband and wife duo Georg Klaas (Principal Clarinet) and Jocelyn Langworthy (Second Clarinet) and their eleven year-old daughter Elsa perform the Andante from Mendelssohn’s Concert Piece No. 2. Georg and Jocelyn performed the orchestral version of this piece with the TSO back in 2008 on a program that was part of the Masterworks Series. From their family to yours, we hope you enjoy this piece!  #SpreadMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

Diana Anderson - TSO Violinist

“I miss making music on stage with my Toledo Symphony colleagues. I miss performing in front of a live audience. I miss sharing the joys of music with my incredibly talented Toledo School for the Arts students. This Shostakovich Prelude demonstrates exactly how I feel right now: melancholy, but with a side of hope.” - Diana Anderson, TSO violinist for over 30 years #SpreadMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

Michele Smith - TSO Second Oboist

Did you know that oboists make their own reeds? Listen and see if you can hear the difference as Second Oboist Michele Smith plays Melodies 6 and 7 from the Barret Oboe Method book on two, freshly made reeds! #SpreadMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

Joel Tse & Amy Heritage - TSO Flutists

TSO Principal Flutist Joel Tse and Second Flutist Amy Heritage unite (virtually) to perform a duet written by Danish composer Frederic Kuhlau, a prominent composer during the late Classical and early Romantic periods who was sometimes referred to as the “Beethoven of the Flute.” Listen to their beautiful interpretation of this work! #SpreadMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

Amy Heritage - TSO Second Flutist

TSO’s Second Flutist Amy Heritage has been spending a lot of time recently recording second flute parts to share with her students so they can play together during this time. One of her favorite duets to play with her students is an Adagio by French composer Jean Baptiste Loeillet. Listen to the sweet sounds of two flutes, and then play along with her! #SpreadMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

Georg Klaas - TSO Principal Clarinetist

TSO Principal Clarinetist, Georg Klaas performs Sarabande from Bach’s First Cello Suite on one of the bigger clarinets in the family—the bass clarinet, and it sounds absolutely gorgeous. #SpreadMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

Garth Simmons - TSO Principal Trombonist

Garth Simmons, TSO Principal Trombonist, shares a very special memory performing Danny Boy in the community. This virtual performance of the piece is dedicated to our audiences and fellow TSO musicians. We miss you and can’t wait to see you again soon! #SpreadMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

Reed & Diana Anderson - TSO Violist and Violinist

Husband and wife TSO musicians, Reed (viola) and Diana (violin) Anderson, have been in the Symphony for over 30 years! Inspired by Reed’s Swedish background, here they are performing Swedish fiddle music—a polka from Finland! #SpreadMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

Megan Shusta - TSO Principal Horn

Check out Principal Horn Megan Shusta and what she has been up to while at home—practicing scales, playing duets, taking walks, picking up the guitar, knitting, cooking, and becoming an expert at iMovie! She also treats us to the majestic horn solo from Tchaikovksy’s Fifth Symphony. #SpreadMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

Merwin Siu - TSO Principal Second Violinist

Sending springtime thoughts your way! Listen to Principal Second Violinist Merwin Siu perform the second movement of Another Spring, a violin concerto written for Merwin by Andrew Massey, former Music Director of the TSO. #SpreadMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

Michele Smith - TSO Second Oboist

We are joined by Michele Smith, Second Oboist of the Toledo Symphony. Michele is going back to the basics at home! Here are the first 2 of 40 Progressive Melodies from the Barrett Oboe Method, aka “The Oboe Bible.” Enjoy! #KeepTheMusicGoing #InThisTogether #SpreadMusicNotTheVirus

Kellen Degnan - TSO Cellist

Back in January, Kellen Degnan, Toledo Symphony cellist, premiered a set of pieces for solo cello called Tinted Postcards by Maddy Wildman. Here he is playing the first movement called Ponderosas at Polly Judd, inspired by the tall, majestic ponderosa trees of Spokane, Washington. 
#SongsofComfort #SpreadMusicNotTheVirus #InThisTogether

Toledo Symphony Brass

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” - Plato

From the Toledo Symphony Brass to our community. Wishing you health, peace, music, and joy in these difficult times.

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